Texas Country due to be released February 10, 2017!

Texas Country, my first published novel, is due to be released on February 10, 2017.  I am using the tools at Draft2Digital for final preparation and to upload the book to various distributors.

I have discovered that I enjoy the writing process, and endure the editing and final prep process.

Texas Country is a modern Western.  I follow a standard western theme: a stranger rides into town and upsets the lives of many of the townspeople.  But this stranger rides a motorcycle, the livery stable is the local Co-op, the Saloon is the local roadhouse, the Hotel is the motel on the Interstate, etc.  But the lawmen are still after the villains,  those with power still oppress those without, the wealthy have more privilege than the poor, hard work still pays off unless either the villain or the rich rancher get in the way, and the belle of the town still expects to have her own way.

I am already working on the sequel:  Border War.  This story will pick up a few weeks after the first novel ends.

I enjoyed reading through this novel multiple times in the editing process.  I managed to create a story that I enjoy reading.  I hope you will, also.

Alan Pogue